Demo Day!

Hello everyone,

It seemed like our journey at DreamIt ventures started just two days ago. But in fact, two days ago was when Branchly went public to Demo in front of hundreds of investors who attended DreamIt Ventures Demo Day. 

I’m sure if you’re reading this, the only thing you’d care about is: can I see some videos? Or maybe you’d be wondering whether or not we messed up our presentation so badly that DreamIt kicked us out. Well, luckily, the latter didn’t happen.

Here are our videos from Demo Day:

It started with Mark Wachen, the MD of DreamIt NYC, daring Nuseir Yassin to solve a rubik’s cube in less than 30 seconds. Nuseir being the great legend he is, dared him back (it’s obvious that Nuseir is writing those very words):

After a lucky start, we had the chance to actually present So here it is:

If you’ve seen both videos and read thus far, then you really like us. Well, we like you back.

Thanks for being part of this! Stay updated for more info! 

Demo Day is just around the corner!

Hello peeps,

It’s been a while since our last blog post. No, it’s not because we forgot about you. It’s because we’ve been super busy readying for the 8th of August. Yes, that day. Demo Day. 

So, in a few days we will go fully live with our new service that will hopefully make your life a teeny weeny bit easier. If not much more. If human kind is able to land on mars so wonderfully, then you should be able to know who you’re connected to online across so many social networks without having to go through hell! 

So, how can you stay posted on our progress for Demo Day? Well, keep an eye on the website or even better, check out the major tech publications. We should go live by then! 

We at branchly are very excited to add more value to your life. Hope this helps!

What’s going on behind the scenes?

To learn more about the team behind, check out our new blogpost series at the Harvard Alumni Portal at

And here’s the team in pictures: 


From left to right: Nuseir Yassin (green, too-tight-polo), Fernando Irias (wannabe-German-jersey), Peregrine Badger (inmate clothes)

Hello world!

From now on, when you think of startups, think of blogs. In addition to coding like crazy, we came to realize that blogging is an integral part of who we are and what we do.

For that reason, we’re starting this blog. Look out for our first, real blog post that was featured on the Harvard Alumni portal. 


Nuseir, Peregrine, Fernando